No two searches are equal. This is a timeless rule of search engine optimisation and it should guide your Devon SEO. Let us explain.

People search for different things, and as a result, they may feel compelled to search for those different things on different websites. Let’s say someone is looking for a moving company in Blackpool. They’ll likely enter the search terms “moving company Blackpool” in Google. (And they wouldn’t be alone – 66 percent of all Web users conduct their searches on Google.)

But what if they were looking for the best chip shop in Blackpool. A majority of individuals will nonetheless enter “chip shop in Blackpool” in Google. However, the result may not tell them what the best one is. Therefore, a subset of users may check specialised user-generated content sites to find out what other people have to say. They may bypass Google entirely.

Again, data shows that a small minority of users rely on specialised search sites. Nonetheless, these considerations should be kept in mind as you roll out your strategy. A reliance on Google-related search should remain the focus. But make sure your business has a presence on social media and other user-generated sites.