As our client list consists of dozens of diverse companies from across Devon and the UK, we frequently dispense all types of SEO tips, particularly around consistently creating and publishing content.

This, as you can imagine, is a challenge. Even the most successful writers get writer’s block, and it can be doubly difficult for companies with less experience to come up with good content on a daily basis. In many instances, we work with them to produce the content. But regardless of who writes the content, the relationship is a two-way street; the company provides us with ideas and we do the same for them.

Case in point: the concept of “newsjacking.” Now, it sounds like a terrible thing, but in reality, it’s simply a strategy in which a writer can take a piece of news and re-frame it so that it applies to their company. One example is extracting data from white papers around a pertinent topic.

For example, we found a study showing that 94 percent of users don’t bother to check the second page of Google’s Search results. If it sounds like that could be it’s own separate blog post, you’re exactly right: we already wrote it a few weeks ago on one of our other sites. As you can imagine, you have an endless amount of possibilities by just following this tip.