The Devon SEO Co. creates high-quality, eye-catching, optimised and fast loading websites to suit the requirements of our clients.

With the ever-growing number of people using the World Wide Web, various companies are now utilising the Internet to obtain a sizable amount of income. One of the most formidable ways to increase online sales is an SEO optimised, user-friendly and stylish website.

Our experienced team of web designers and developers are ready to create a profit generating website that professionally demonstrates your products or services.

Device Responsive and Unique Design

Creating unique, original and optimised websites for our clients, current technology allows for the website to be viewed on various platforms. These popular platforms include Android, iOS, Linux, MacOSX and Windows. The Devon SEO Co. performs an extensive coding and development process to ensure your website’s compatibility over various platforms. Meticulously tested on multiple devices, we ensure that the website is bug-free and user-friendly on the day of the launch.

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User Friendly Frameworks/CMS

Our web developers employ a range of user-friendly frameworks such as WordPress and Magento for client websites. Our codes are optimised and ready for further developments. Contact us and learn more about our framework optimisation.

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SEO Friendly Design

From the technical standpoint we can optimise the website and address all the issues on an audit. However, an SEO friendly design goes beyond this and now includes how users interact with the site. Factors such as bounce rate, time on page and number of pages visited are all metrics that need to be accounted for. Therefore, the website design should be built with these elements in mind from the onset.

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Form Efficient

Our designs are form-efficient. Our experience affords us the initiative to create a form to fit your specific requirements. We can include options such as an auto-responder, an anti-spam feature, validation and numerous field types etc.

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URL Optimised

URLs are an important element of any website design. In basic terms, when Google reads a website it reviews the individual URLs to determine site structure. If you have an unoptimised URL which does not correspond to the actual landing page content you are missing a trick.

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