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Statistics of SEO

Companies in South Hams need an effective SEO strategy to appeal to their target market. All industries can benefit from an SEO strategy that will improve your website’s ranking – and as your visibility grows, so will your profits.

It’s massively important to show up on page one of Google’s search results, as statistics show 92% of website visits from Google searches go to sites on the first results page. The majority of these visits go to the websites that are in the first few positions on page one.

You need to optimise the way your website is constructed, ensuring it is as popular as possible so that other well-regarded websites will link to you.

Why our strategy works

Millions of people use search every day to find the best businesses. Improve your chances of being found by potential new customers by working with The Devon SEO Co and letting our professional skills do the hard work for you.

Our customer testimonials speak for themselves – satisfied customers describe us as a fast and reliable company who are real specialists in SEO. Bad SEO can do your business more harm than good and the days when all that mattered was using a large number of keywords and having as many links to your website as possible are long gone.

Today, SEO is all about the content and quality of your website – and that’s an area in which the Devon SEO Co excels. We understand how one link from a high-quality website in your sector is worth more than 10 poor quality links to sites of no regard. Let us help you to target phrases which your customers are actually searching for, thanks to our cutting-edge techniques that will keep your website high in the rankings for years to come.