With Google controlling close to 75 percent of all Web search traffic, it is safe to say that when they provide search engine optimisation tips, people should listen.

Which is why we’d like to call your attention to their SEO “first steps cheat sheet.” We recommend you print it out, incorporate it into your Devon SEO strategy, pin it to your office wall, and tape it to your kitchen wall as well for good measure.

One thing you’ll notice about the cheat sheet: nothing in it is incredibly difficult or unique. For example, they suggest you craft engaging blog titles, make sure your images have descriptive file names, and that you write unique and useful content.

If you have even the most basic understanding of SEO, most of their recommendations will make sense to you. The problem, as is often the case with things like this, lies around consistent and regimented implementation.

Rolling out these tips on a one-time basis won’t get you anywhere; the only way to see a consistent boost in your search results is through diligent and methodical execution. It’s not impossible to do on your own. But a little help from an experienced Devon SEO company can certainly help.