Google recently released the latest update of its Google Panda update. The update will once again redefine the search engine optimisation world by putting a premium on high-quality, organic content while punishing “black hat” SEO practitioners seeking to game the system.

The bottom line? Google will continue to crack down on firms relying on short-cuts and reward those who take a long-view by consistently rolling out compelling content. It is these latter companies who, over time, will see their Web site turn up higher on Google’s Search results.

So what does this mean in a practical context and how should it influence your Devon SEO? For starters, Google rewards quality backlinks. (Backlinks, as you may know, is when a third-party links to your site.) Many companies attempt to trick Google by spamming other sites with their home page address, by say, posting comments over and over again. It doesn’t work.

What does work is creating quality content that people will intrinsically want to share, thereby creating Google-friendly organic backlinks that will boost your standing in the Search results.