Loyal readers of this blog know that there’s a right way to get your website on the first page of Google’s Search results page, and a wrong way. The right way? A consistent and systematic Devon SEO strategy predicated on high-quality blogging, intelligent linking, and sound back-end Web architecture. The wrong way? Spamming, re-publishing someone else’s content, and other “black hat” SEO tactics. Naturally, we engage in the former.

For proof of this, look no further than our testimonials and results which are available upon request. For even further proof, do some cursory searches on Google’s recent activities around black-hat SEO practices. In an effort to root out the “bad guys,” Google has aggressively gone after these pernicious black-hat tactics. Across the past few years it rolled out its Penguin and Panda updates precisely for this reason. Even more recently it penalised a BBC site for what may have been “unnatural linking.”

Bottom line: as you read this, hordes of Google algorithms are scanning the Web to identify and punish illicit SEO activity. Their aim is to keep their search results honest, accurate, and fair. This is something to keep in mind when reviewing our success stories: we elevated our clients’ rankings through good, old-fashioned hard work.