Here at The Devon SEO Co., our goal is simple: get your business on the first page of Google’s Search results. And our logic is equally simple: we target Google Search because, well, that’s where most people search for things online.

All of which begets the question, “Well, will Google always dominate search?”

It’s a great question, of course, as its answer will dictate how you allocate your scarce resources and how you craft your Devon SEO.

So, the honest answer to the aforementioned question is “Maybe. No one knows.”

But if you were to re-frame the question and ask, “Is Google still the undisputed leader in Search and will it continue to be in the next three years?” The answer is an unqualified “yes.”

Recent data from eMarketer found that 66 percent of Web queries take place on Google-related sites. Furthermore, search engine marketing-related spending will continue to rise, totaling close to $20 million USD by 2015.

Nothing is forever, of course. But for the foreseeable future Google will continue to dominate the search market. And businesses should allocate their resources accordingly.