We all have our routines. We’re all creatures of habit. And once you realise that SEO success is built on the idea that it should be a daily activity – like checking e-mail or grabbing an afternoon cup of tea – the more successful you’ll be.

And it needn’t be a painful or joyless routine. We suggest the following. Each day carve out 25 minutes to devote to writing a blog post, which, after all, is the engine of your SEO efforts. Sit down and ask yourself the following questions: Who are my customers? What are my customers most concerned about? How can our company allay these customer fears? What are my customers looking for?

The answers to these questions will shape the tone of your content; after all, your writing “voice” will differ if your customers are middle-aged barristers compared to, say, 20-year old football fans. Also get specific in your thinking. Conjure up and write down an example of how you helped a customer. Pass along some useful information. Highlight the value of a specific product.

The point of this routine is to tailor your Devon SEO towards the needs of your customers.

Of course, 25 minutes is a critical chunk of time. If you lack the time or wherewithal, we understand. Contact us and we’ll happily take this routine off your hands.