It would be silly (and sacrilegious) to compare Google to God, much less compare a Google SEO expert to Moses coming down from Mt. Sinai. But facts are facts: as long as 75% of Web users search for information via Google Search, the Mountain View leviathan will continue to call the shots and write the SEO rules of the game. And when one of their experts passes along valuable Devon SEO tips, we should probably listen.

So listen we did. In this recent piece in Search Engine Land, Matt Cutts, the head of Search Spam at Google illustrates the five most common SEO mistakes companies and their webmasters make. It is required reading.

For example, when you think of keywords and Web copy, don’t think like a marketer, but like a real human. Cutts notes that people will not Google the term “Mt. Everest Height;” rather, they’ll enter the more intuitive search phrase “how high is Mt. Everest?”

Cutts also encourages companies to think less about link-building, which is time-consuming and delivers a dubious return on investment, and instead focus on quality content and marketing (sound familiar?) Well, we would agree to disagree on this point! Lastly, don’t forget the boring, mundane tasks like properly titling your pages and including descriptions within your html code.