A common misconception about search engine optimisation is that it’s only for large companies with massive brands and enormous budgets. The logic follows that these companies are dominating the SEO space and that Google will favor larger companies since they have a huge footprint on the Web.

But reality paints a much different picture, as evidenced in this fascinating study by Conductor. They did a simple Google search on “Web hosting” and the results may surprise you. The first result was a Wikipedia page. The second and sixth results were for large companies. Yet the 3rd and 7th result, for example, were for small companies – companies, quite honestly, you probably never heard of.

And once companies apply better keywords to their SEO strategy – say, “London Web hosting” – you’ll inevitably find that even more smaller companies will appear. It’s the same difference as entering “SEO” versus, say, “Exeter SEO.”

Our point: SEO isn’t just for large companies. And the more precise your efforts, the better the results.