In a perfect world, your blog would be an informal platform where you would frequently express thoughts pertaining to your company, industry, and clients. There would be no set road map or plan – you would just manage it as you would, say, a personal diary.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this approach. Many blogs exist without explicit commercial intent. Some authors will go months without posting something. And again, that is totally fine if the author is comfortable with his or her blog as merely an informal outlet.

However, for companies seeking to attain new customers, the blog is the cornerstone of their Exeter SEO and, as a result, some element of structure is required. For example, companies must understand which keywords will boost their SEO efforts; they must make an effort to diversity their content; they must embrace social media marketing, and so on.

If it’s structure you seek within the context of your SEO efforts – or tangible assistance in consistently publishing compelling content, we can help.