The downfall of most websites is brought on by a Hummingbird, a Penguin, a Panda and now a Pigeon…in that order!


In the Search Engine Land or SEL, we cannot really blame Google for indexing the best web pages that can be found on the Internet. You may rant and rave but have you ever asked yourself whether perhaps you have been too excited with your approach to SEO and that in the long term, you have simply committed damaging mistakes?

Google will definitely continue to keep animals in the web market loop, to see who’s in and who should be out of the competition. If you want a website that will stand the test of time and weather Google’s ever changing algorithm, you should take steps to safeguard the future of you web presence by steering clear of some of the most common SEO mistakes.

Keyword stuffing

You’ve heard it before: content is king. The keywords are your ticket to ranking in search engines. However, saying the same thing over and over again doesn’t make any sense. It will read as gibberish and lead you towards Google’s bin faster than you can imagine. There are many ways in which you can stuff keywords into your content to manipulate your site rankings. Clever… But Google is much smarter than you in that department. So if you’re thinking of stuffing keywords, forget it!

Broken links

Have you ever clicked on an interesting link only to find out that it’s broken? What an annoying experience. Naturally, your web page will sooner or later accumulate broken links but Google will penalise you for it. Broken links are bad for your online reputation. Enough said.

Copied copy

When it comes to the creation of content, copying another’s work, word for word, is the SEO sin of all sins. Don’t be surprised to find yourself penalised for this. Google hates copiers so much that you might find your website so far down Google’s pages that no one, NO ONE will be ever able to find you. What’s worse, Google can de-index your whole website and see you vanish into thin air. Stick to compelling, quality and unique content instead.

Duplicate content

It can be a bit confusing with the copied copy but duplicate content should also be avoided. Multiple pages with the same content and using the same meta title tags and descriptions constitutes this type of mistake.

Junk links

Links are a vote of confidence but it won’t matter if you have thousands or even millions of links if they are junk. Junk links don’t help you rank. They only make you sink further down the rankings. It’s much better to have two to three links that originate from very good sources and credible authority sites.

Avoiding Google Analytics

Unless you have something to hide, neglecting the importance of your web site’s data can be your downfall. Google Analytics will allow you to analyse your site to establish where the improvements need to be made. If you don’t allow Google to run by your site and analyse it, you may be raising a serious red flag. Remember, if Google can’t crawl it, then your site can’t be indexed. If it can’t be indexed, it won’t rank. If it won’t rank, it cannot be found and if your site can’t be found, you’re gone.

Site not optimised

It can be a real struggle if you’re trying to rank on the Page 1 of Google but you’re not sure how to use credible keywords that will attract traffic. If you want to stay in the competition, start your fight by using the right keywords that people are searching for. Go broad if you need to target more visits but be more specific in order to target the local audience, who might be potential customers.

Protect your business by avoiding these mistakes. Talk to us at The Devon SEO Co. and we will help you to optimise your web pages to maximum effect.