Having an amazing website filled with excellent content ensures your brand gets off to a flying start – but if hardly anyone gets to see it, you’re wasting your time.

Search engine optimisation is the key to your online business success and learning how to maximise organic traffic from search engines will help you to improve your profits.

All the major search engines rank and display web pages and other content, such as local listings or videos, based on what the search engine considers to be the most relevant to the users’ search. Deploying strategic SEO can provide your website with a steady flow of traffic.


What is strategic SEO?

A successful SEO strategy plan provides a blueprint for your brand’s SEO activities. These can then be mapped out in a series of steps to ensure optimum success.

As the first step of your SEO strategy, a thorough analysis of your website and how it shapes up in comparison to the competition will enable you to assess:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the website’s technical infrastructure
  • The content
  • Any keywords that have been targeted in the past
  • The link building profile
  • Competitor analysis

Based on this analysis, an SEO consultant can identify any website deficiencies, in addition to suggesting opportunities to target new search traffic. Once it has been completed, a report can be prepared for an SEO campaign that will optimise your website.


Keyword research

The number of targeted keywords will depend on the size and scope of your SEO project. As soon as the strategy plan has been drawn up, an SEO consultant will have a better idea of the number of keywords.

The consultant can then develop a plan for how the keywords will fit in with the optimised pages and link submissions needed to make progress in the search engine results page. The keywords vary significantly in search intent and length.

For example, short tail keywords, such as “Italian restaurant” may have a large search volume, compared with long tail keywords, such as “Italian restaurant serving lunch in Devon”, which will have a smaller search volume. An SEO analyst can strike a balance between the types of keyword and the search volume behind them.

Useful strategies include identifying the keywords most used by customers in positive reviews and studying the search queries people are using to find your site.


Reaching your target audience

The importance of having the appropriate content can’t be over-emphasised, since it enables you to reach a wider target audience. You must determine your target audience first and then start to understand what moves them closer to an eventual sale.

Then, you need to work out what they value when dealing with a company. Finally, you must decide how to best guide them through your channels towards a final purchase.


Hitting your sales target

Keyword research can help you to reach your sales target and companies are starting to realise it isn’t just for increasing hits and honing a marketing strategy. It enables you to stay connected to your customer’s purchasing journey.

It can reveal the questions customers are asking at every stage, starting from when they’re searching for information and continuing to the point when they’re ready to purchase.

When you know what stage of the funnel they’re at during their internet searches, you can utilise the information in conversations with customers as well.

Engaging with customers in an appropriate manner, based on knowing where they are in the process, can be the significant difference between clinching the deal or seeing them leave empty-handed. The journey doesn’t end there! Keep in touch with customers’ needs by providing an excellent after-sales service too.


Benefits of strategic SEO

There are many advantages to using strategic SEO. It helps achieve targets, leads to long term improvements in your site and ultimately it saves money.

Achieving a top position on the search engine results page enables your site to receive most of the impressions and clicks, resulting in a significant traffic increase for your site and greater brand awareness.

SEO provides quantifiable and trackable results, enabling you to calculate the return on investment. A good SEO consultant can track almost every aspect of their strategy using comprehensive analytics.

Creating more business, improving website performance and delivering a better ROI, The Devon SEO Co. specialises in high-performance SEO strategies. Contact us to find out how our professional services can help you.