Social Media Campaign and Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media have an impact on each other. The integration of social media accounts on websites is now necessary to bring more traffic to the website and to increase their ranking on major search engines.

Sharing specific content on social media provides a higher chance of gaining new site visitors that could later on turn into paying customers. The Devon SEO Co.’s social media strategies include blog sharing and the composition of bite-sized but meaty social media content.

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Infographics are one of the best ways to reach your target audience, being visually impressive and appealing, to capture the attention and interest of the public.

They may also redirect the reader or prospect customer to the main company website. Therefore, sharing infographics on social media sites can also help to bring more traffic to your website.

The Devon SEO Co. understands the effects of catchy material on the target market. Creating unique and attention grabbing infographics that are congruent to the products and services of our clients, talk to us and learn more about our infographic sharing techniques.

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An optimised social media account attracts more readers and prospect customers. Our social media techniques aim to maximise the “shareability” of certain content. We create widgets and share buttons on a webpage and we can also integrate social media access to your website through the inclusion of social media hyperlinks.

The Devon SEO Co. knows how helpful social media is in making online marketing effective. This is also one way to beat your competitors. Talk to us and learn more about our social media optimisation services.

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Graphics may include slogans, tag-lines, quotations or a set of words that are related to the products and services of the client. Proper utilisation of these share-able graphics can capture the interest of your target market. Attention-grabbing slogan graphics also allow the target market to easily recognise the company's products and services. The Devon SEO Co. produces attractive and eye-catching share-able graphics for the benefit of our clients.

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Blog Sharing

Blog sharing attracts the customer and beckons them to buy the products and services of the company. A blog contains what the company offers, some reminders and things that are related to a certain product or service. When the article is shared on social media, a prospective customer may view the content and then decide to buy the product.

Our link building team, social media team and content writers are trained to produce the best copy for sharing. Blogs are automatically shared on various social networking sites and directories. Blog sharing also allows more interaction between the company and the customers.

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