Search Engine Optimisation

It is the aim of every website to achieve maximum visibility and to secure high ranking positions on Google and other search engines. The Devon SEO Co. focuses on your page rankings, website visibility and ultimately the traffic that your website attracts.

Do you want your website to rank above your competitors? Our SEO optimisation service follows certain procedures that are guaranteed to win your website the traffic you need, thus providing you with better rankings and ultimately, more sales. We specialise in a number of different SEO techniques and our understanding of the leading search engines e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing, is second to none.

With a portfolio of clients ranging from small/medium sized enterprises, to huge international organisations, our SEO services are customised to fit your company's individual requirements. Talk to us and share your business hopes and dreams… We will do the rest.

Website Audit

Website auditing is designed to determine the credibility of the website by attesting how well the sites are working and they perform added actions. It is also the process of identifying broken or “bad” links that affect the overall performance of the website. The website audit process includes on-page or landing page content enhancement suggestions and a site structure analysis. Furthermore, our audit lets us determine the validity of your website with Googlebot after a webmaster tools check.

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Fix Website Issues

In most cases, website errors and issues are not witnessed by the naked eye. Our SEO specialists know where to look for problematic issues within the website that may be causing a negative effect on Google’s rankings. Website audits are absolutely essential.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is essential to the success of all SEO. Keywords are the basis of the search, the counterpart of each search enquiry on the search engines. The Devon SEO Co.’s role is to find the most profitable keywords and to systematically arrange them to get the maximum SEO performance.

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Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis provides an insight into the SEO performance of the competition. Armed with this information, we are able to implement those ideas into further enhancing your SEO campaign. Through this method, The Devon SEO Co. will distinguish which of the keywords are most effective, along with the strategies that should be adapted.

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